Political data is sensitive data, and no one should be able to know what you personally think.
That's why this project operates with one commitment: to collect only anonymous data.

The data collected

Here is an exhaustive list of the data we collect:

Data not collected & our commitments

By this policy, we are committed to protecting and not combining political data with elements that identify individuals. IP addresses are not processed in this way, and no third party organization/company has access to data that could identify you individually. Eventually, although it is not currently possible to identify you personally from the data we collect, the data collected will be automatically anonymized by differential privacy tools.

Purposes of this data

The access and error data on the site allow us to determine the actual use of the service, in order to provide optimal resources for the observed traffic.
Test result data is used to provide public reports on the different political opinions observed in given territories, as well as their evolution over time.
These data will be offered in the form of aggregated data.

Data storage

We generally retain personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in this document.